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(405) 589-5930

Are you tired of having computer problems like slow performance or pop ups?
Are you scared to take it to 'that tech guy' because you've no idea if it's worth it?
Is your computer making noises or broken and you're worried it'll cost too much to repair?
Tired of being drowned in computer jargon when all you want to do is check your darn e-mails?
Drop off service: Starts at $50 for simple service | On-site service: Starts at $100 for simple service
No charge for diagnostics

Computer repair

From laptop screens to hard drives, keyboards and much much more.

computer performance

Remember how fast your computer used to be? Get your speed back! (and keep it)

web development

Need a small business or family website? We can help.

IT Consultation

Have needs? Let's talk and get a game plan going.

Hardware Upgrades

Heard about solid state hard drives? You'll want one.

Desktop Building

Need a computer built for gaming or high performance needs?

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(405) 589-5930

Our service starts at $50 for labor and then the cost of parts 'only should it be necessary'. No upselling here!
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OFDCS (formerly known as 'The Original $50 Computer Service') started in my apartment in 2006 while working on my Dave Ramsey debt free program. As customers continued enjoying our flat rate price for labor we steadily grew with both new customers but also referrals from previous customers.

Built on the strong foundation of competitive pricing and integrity, our customers can feel safe knowing we're doing the right thing; even when no one is looking to bring you the best service possible.

By keeping our customers by appointment only we're able to focus and fully understand your problems, wants and needs without messing up your schedule.

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Cloud Storage

2GB of free online storage from DropBox or check with your internet service provider.

Ad Block Plus

Remove the intrusive and annoying ads with this handy browser addition.

Alternative Internet Browsers

Internet Explorer/Edge is not your only option.

Alternatives to Microsoft Office

Utilize open source programs to get the same result.

Media/DVD Players

Need a player that will play anything?

Video Streaming

Where can I find that show/movie streaming online?