About Us

The Original $50 Computer Service started to help me pass the time while looking for work when I lived in NW Oklahoma.
After moving to Oklahoma City my wife and I decided to get on a debt free program and needed to generate additional funds to help with the plan.
During this time I found how much I enjoyed not only fixing comptuers but also helping people so once our program ended I kept going.
I've always run O.F.D.C.S with the core principle of helping people and making them happy and knowing they have someone they can trust.
If you don't leave here happy then I have not done my job and I'd really like for you to tell your friends and family about me.

I don't plan to 'fix your computer until the next time' but to empower you with the tools and knowledge so you can 'change your own oil' so to speak.

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Every machine leaves us with: Active antivirus (if not already installed)
Easy to use maintenance software
Walkthroughs on how to use the software
Our 'peace of mind' 30 day warranty