Helpful Online Tools

Easy Online Backup with DropBox
Free storage online (up to 2GB) where you can easily drag and drop important files as if you were just moving them around your computer

Blocks intrusive website ads' with AdBlockPlus
Install on your browser to block ads that take up website space or can be distracting

Alternative Internet Browsers
Depending on your version of Windows you may be limited on what version of Internet Explorer you can use. We recommend the following:
Mozilla FireFox | Google Chrome

Alternatives to Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office does a lot, but is very expensive. We recommend the following open source (free) alternatives:
OpenOffice | Libre Office

Media Players
There are a lot of 'free' media players avaialble online but the majority are filled with additional junk software.
We recommend only one media player which plays a HUGE amount of file types (including DVDs):
VLC Media Player

Video Streaming
Done with running to the rental box/store? Want to know if a movie or show is available online to watch?
This website allows you to search titles and list what service (if any) allows them to be viewed online.
Can I Stream It?