Slow Performance?

Using the vehicle analogy, if you don't service your car regularly you'll lose performance, life span and mileage.
Computers operate on the same premise and need to be serviced regularly in order to maintain top performance.

When did you last service your computer?

Here at O.F.D.C.S, we not only perform a full service no matter what repair or service you have done, we give you the tools to perform your own scheduled maintenance as well as the instructions on how to do it.

There are many factors that can be considered when it comes to computer performance:
Hardware condition, age, surroundings, available computer resources, setup, infections as well as accumulation of junk files and registry errors.

Don't be fooled with those 'click here to fix your problems' messages online, the vast majority of those will ask you to pay them to fix the issues they 'say' they found or install junk software that will slow you down even more. We even install browser add-ons to block those for you as part of the service.

Also do not be fooled by the commercials telling you about 'your thousands upon thousands of registry errors'.
Think of those like dust particles in your living room. Sure they're there, but are they really causing that many problems?
No they're not, but a regular vacuuming and dusting takes care of them doesn't it?
We give you the vacuum, spray and cloth.