Hardware Failure?

It's a fact, hardware fails.
The most common component to fail is the hard drive, which is why we ALWAYS recommend having a backup of your important data.
Should you be receiving symptoms of hardware failure we can troubleshoot and narrow it down and replace the component if necessary.

Hard drives are the most critical component because they contain your important personal files and life spans can range drastically and the warranties do not cover the contents of the drives so ALWAYS have your files backed up.
We've linked to a simple back up tool in our 'Downloads' section which gives you a small amount of online backup space.

Common symptoms of your hard drive failing:

  • If your hard drive is making strange noises (like clicking)
    If you are suddenly unable to boot to your operating system and receive error messages
    Sudden slow performance (and I mean really slow performance)

Now we don't want to scare you, but if in doubt; back up your data.
If you are unable to boot your computer to do so, switch it off and call us.
Continuing to use a computer which has a failing hard drive means the chances of recovery decreases.
We don't charge by the gigabyte to recover your files, we recover everything we can for the same price.

A video/graphics card

An internal hard drive

Memory (RAM) sticks

However, no matter what is failing (or possibly failing) inside your computer you know what we'll charge to fix it.
You should never have to worry about the cost to repair something which is now so important in our lives.
Be it your video card, motherboard, screen or hard drive...we can help.
We also practise in the art of 'if the cost of repairs are more than the computer itself we'll let you know'.