Laptop Screen Replacement

Children or the cat been 'playing' with your laptop? Had an office mishap?
If your screen looks like those below, chances are it's time to get it replaced.

Accidents happen and unlike the big box stores we make sure it's a lot cheaper to replace the screen with us rather than paying the cost of the laptop in labor charges.
If your screen is just not coming on or looks black it may not need to be replaced completely, we can tell you what's wrong.

We deal in both new and used screens depending on your budget and give you an accurate quote before any work begins.
While we do stock some select screens yours may need to be ordered.
However while waiting for the screen to come in your laptop receives a full service.

Screen costs vary depending on the size, type and functions as well as the style, but we've found most repairs will be $130 or less

We must advise that some of the much newer laptops use different style screens which are more expensive then standard screens