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Our Warranty
OFDCS will warranty our labor for 30 days from the completion of the service.
(hardware warranties vary based on supplier of parts and are not controlled by OFDCS)
Should you report continuing problems relating to our service during this time we will schedule you for a follow up appointment and work to resolve these issues at no additional labor charge to you.
If after these attempts it is deemed that the computer is non-repairable or any additional cost outweighs the value of the machine we will transfer your files and set you up on your new computer; also at no additional charge.
Should you have any questions in regards to this please let us know prior to any work beginning.

We cannot foresee all scenarios, but you are the best 'guinea pig' when it comes to testing your machine.

If upon receiving and diagnosing a machine we deem the repair costs (parts + labor) to be too costly in relation to the value of the computer we will inform you and go from there.
Our labor charge can then be rolled into transferring your files to a new computer (set up and service included) or if you deem it not worthy then there will be no charge as no repairs were attempted.

However once the approved repairs begin the labor charge of $50 (plus any parts ordered) will apply.
Should a refund be requested, we will issue it upon all repair efforts being exhausted.
A final follow up diagnosis will be required prior to any refunds being given.