Virus Removal

If you do not have active anti virus protecting your machine we will make sure you are protected with no ongoing subscription fees..
Here at O.F.D.C.S we put 'viruses' into three categories:
Virus Infection.
These are the old viruses we know and love, spread throughout e-mails and the sharing of computer disks; these have the purpose of spreading and infecting as many computers as possible.
Malicious Software
Also known as 'malware', this is much more common infection found and has the purpose to generate revenue for its creators.
This can be in the form of locking your computer and holding you ransom, tricking you into thinking you need to 'activate' software or simply hijacking your internet browser and redirecting your browsing through their websites.
System Performance
While not an infection as such, many people think slow performance is just due to an infection and some programs can be brought to a crawl due to junk accumulating. Internet browsing for example is a huge target and unwanted junk can take your high speed connection down to dial-up speeds.

Regardless of the type of infection you have, all of them will be diagnosed and cleaned and the root cause found to help make sure it doesn't come back. Unlike most computer services however we also give you the tools to perform your own maintenance in the future.

Because viruses are always changing and new versions of old infections are rampant, you are protected by our peace of mind 30 day warranty to make sure once the virus has gone, it stays gone.

All computers once services are installed with 'house keeping' software for you to run once a month to keep the machine running like new. We give you the ability to 'change your own oil' when it comes to your computer.